TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS provides a highly efficient network for all your international & domestic Air Freight needs. It delivers cargo across all major worldwide global locations of the country & the domestics on very next day during business hours. With a wide range of time-defined and specialist air cargo services, supported by the
preferred carriers, you get the flexibility between standardized connections with fixed schedules. The logistics experts from the company evaluate your freight size and budget, to assist you in the
most appropriate cost-effective movement of the cargo. The complete logistics process is supported by leading-edge information management systems, providing the customer with complete shipment transparency.
With its seamless multimodal network, which goes down to the last mile, Dyer ensures that your shipments arrive dot on time.


•      Consolidation and direct-to-consignee service
•      Door-to-door and airport-to-airport pricing options
•      Local clearance
•      Warehousing & Distribution
•      Flexible and dependable scheduling options..
TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS With no restrictions in the size and weight of the cargo, we provide a full array of ocean freight forwarding
services right from door to door pick up, advance tracking technology and managing shipping documents.
Our experienced associates are trained to guide you through the complexities of international shipping. We offer tailored programs to meet our clients' full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) requirements and transportation cost objectives
Our services include flexible shipment tracking, purchase order management and space protection during periods of high demand. We have entered into service contracts with several steamer lines providing the best value for money for our customers.


•      Consolidation of Cargo Full-container-load (FCL)
•      Consolidation Less-than-container-load (LCL)
•      Consolidation Multimodal Transportation by Sea
•      Door-to-door delivery of cargo
•      Worldwide Consolidation Service Dry or
       liquid bulk shipments
•      Air/Road Refrigerated Services for perishable
•      Freight Insurance and packaging options
•      Cargo Tracking System Domestic and
       International Freight Forwarding
•      Warehousing and storage facilities are also
       available on request
TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS offers custom clearance in Nigeria With efficient and enter information on import custom duty in Nigeria and
customs regulations, custom clearing services in Nigeria and procedures being an import custom clearing agents in Nigeria. We handle customs clearing services of import distributions by sea, air
and road professionally and effortlessly as being a chief import custom clearing agents in Nigeria. When the customs procedures are completed the Tonybest Global as a custom clearing agent transport the shipments to the said destination as per our clients requirements. As we obtain the said documents, our skilled custom clearing agent specialists try to provide the best probable advantage to the clients as part of custom clearance services in Nigeria with reference to the custom notifications and exemptions are a custom clearance agent in Nigeria. With a technical professional staff for import custom clearance, we avoid the delay in import custom clearing services in Nigeria and other detention charges such as weighty demurrage etc.


•      Container Track System
•      Fast security refund from Shipping Line.
•      Fastest refund providing services.
•      Custom Bonded & domestic Warehousing.
•      Documentation
•      24 hour open for you.
•      Door to Door Service.
•      Project Imports handling.
TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS offers operational procedures that have been perfected over years of development and improvement. In addition to our processes, we take the time to plan the smallest details, knowing that these play an important part in successful delivery.
Equipped with heavy lift gear, conventional and modular trailers, jacking and skidding equipments, barges and other specialized vessels,
TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS provides complete end-to-end service in the USA, Europe, UK, Asia, Nigeria and Africa at large.
We design effective solutions for logistical movements of containerized and break bulk cargo, massive and over dimensional objects, from your factory at origin to your site at destination.


•      Feasibility studies
•      Route surveys and site inspections
•      Cost and budget development
•      Client tailored transportation consultancy
•      Cargo supervision at loading and unloading
•      Air & Ocean Chartering
•      Inland services including heavy haul, rail and
       barge movements
•      Freight Insurance and packaging options
•      Cargo Tracking System Domestic and
       International Freight Forwarding
•      Warehousing and storage facilities are also
       available on request with Bonded facility and
       Inventory Management
It is very essential that the goods while in transition should be properly kept before reaching its required destination. We have our own or tie-ups with leading warehouses across the world on major highways for temporary storage of the goods. The warehouses are well-equipped with modern material handling equipment for speed of operations.
We are providing warehousing services for industrial items and as well as household items.
The warehousing location is well selected so that it complements the subsequent required procedures like loading and unloading. Our
warehouses in various parts of the country are well guarded and spacious ensuring complete safety of your goods.
We understand and therefore comply by the customer's requirement for a safe storage of goods in transit. Our company has well guarded,
secured and spacious warehouses and facilities across the country. Our warehouses at various offices are waterproof and every care is taken
to keep all your valuables in best condition.
We accommodate clients' customized requirements in terms of not only the location but also its functional layout for maximum productivity
and scalability.


•      Just in time delivery capability
•      24 X 7 hours security
•      Reliable services
•      Total customer satisfaction
•      Well experienced staff
•      Cost effective services etc.
TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS offers variety of customized and cost-effective solutions for transportation by road. Your freight can be transported to any location in Nigeria. Widest network, most effective cargo movement facilities and numerous client oriented services makes the company a preferred distribution solution provider
in Niegria. With extensive range of transport carriers, the company can schedule inter-state deliveries to suit your time requirements.
Experts from the company supports the customer's supply chain needs by hauling general commodity freight along with some specialized freight.
There are containerized trucks for handling perishable goods and other sensitive consignments. Each container passes through the most stringent test before loading - like humidity check, leakage check, floor check etc., and only after these assessments a container is loaded and moved for transportation.


•      Cargo marking facility round the clock
•      Transport of goods from port of discharge to
        inter land destinations
•      Door-to-door delivery of cargo
•      Warehousing and storage facilities are also
       available on request
•      Hassle-free documentation job for all
       movements from and to any destination in

TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS offers International/Global transportation of goods has become a lot easier & suitable now for door to door
delivery of the shipments in Nigeria. The client has the luxury of planning the shipping transport of their shipment as per their appropriate location and rest can be left on the international transport agent in TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS team to transport the freight at their doorstep. International transport of the shipments has become much more powerful hence international transport agent in TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS offers this door to door delivery solution in Nigeria to top over its competitor in the trade and industry.

TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS has become a main force to reckon with in the logistics sector with maximum of different services on offer.
The clients can plan to delivery transport their consignments from anyplace in the world and in any quantity and can feel free to get them at their doorstep as & when they need, TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS has the best of the expert group for global transport & to work on the complex of cargo's and the organization to back the amount of movement provided by the clients to provide them door to door delivery in Nigeria.


•      Door-Door Delivery is guaranteed by TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS
•      Airport Deliver is available for time critical items
•      Express Mail offers a variety of service options to meet your mailing needs

About Us
TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS Started operation in the year 2015 with a moderate set up of branches across the country with Lagos, Nigeria as business hub. Today, with the abundant experience, the company is proud to show our network strength spread across the country and we excel to reach out any part with our wide network of branches/associates throughout the globe.

TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS Offers a convenient menu of standard freight management services, including air, sea, project, road and sea/air to balance urgency and cost-effectiveness on your day-to-day shipments.
Some of the factors that have helped us to evolve as the preferred logistics solution provider are as follows:

•      To classified as a big business under the guidelines of the Small Business Administration (SBA). We will continue to compete as a small business
        principle, good hr practice & excellent customer service in the international & domestic market.
•      Tailor-Made Logistics/ Outsourcing Packages & Computerized Systems for handling the specific needs of our customers
•      Well knit global network with presence across 113 Countries
•      Capability to handle export and import of full loads or consolidations, (including temperature-controlled containers for commodities like pharmaceuticals &
       perishable items.
•      European & Global network of Door to Door services with main overseas partners
•      Nationwide branch coverage throughout Nigeria with purpose built, customs controlled freight terminals

•      Flexible multi-modal capability combining FCL/LCL deep sea services with air cargo and overland network
•      Convenient routing of far east and Europe transit cargo throughout Nigeria
•      Stock control and warehousing/distribution programs as well as track and trace systems for meeting the import as well as export related needs
TONYBEST GLOBAL LOGISTICS was established to provide expert logistics management resources to meet our client's challenges. Our goal is to lead the global marketplace in the production of quality logistic solutions by strategic use of resources, development and implementation of automation systems, and training. We shall adopt and internalize a work culture which demonstrates a "We Do More As We Can" attitude to reflect in our daily responsibilities so as to far exceed
our objectives, consistently striving towards market dominance. We will create historical landmarks forming a strong efficient for the future overcoming all the obstacles pro-actively as our personal responsibility and commitment to create delight for the customer with impressive services.

To classified as a big business under the guidelines of the Small Business Administration (SBA). We will continue to compete as a small business principle, good HR practice & excellent customer service in the international & domestic market.



"Thank you to your team from going the extra mile and working on Friday to deliver to site as soon as possible .Appreciate that it is difficult to affect the flight times but very grateful to both you and your team to doing everything in your power to speed things up on arrival and deliver on a Friday"


"I would like to thank you for your exceptional support on this important delivery. At all points you kept us informed and gave us great confidence that all effort is being made at your end. I know it is not easy to turn around shipment within this time frame, but you have used all your best resources and expertise to make it happen"


"Thanks again for your time and the kind reception, the interesting presentation and discussions, the drive and visit to the warehouse where our material is stored. Tonybest Global is clearly a top class company striving for the highest standards in all it does. We look forward to working with you."

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